Unaccompanied Refugee Children

I stayed in the Calais ‘Jungle’ in order to cover the unaccompanied children for the charity, Safe Passage. My work formed the basis of their entire campaign, which recently resulted in the UK-France agreement, announced at the beginning of 2018, to speed-up family reunion for refugees in Calais with family in Britain.

My time in the ‘Jungle’ was humbling, but not in the way in which I expected. I expected to see terrible living conditions and people with nothing to eat and no clothes. What I didn’t expect to see, was that the human spirit can rise up to overcome so much adversity and continue to create hope and a community. I met so many incredibly warm, kind and generous people. I was offered food wherever I went; for absolutely nothing in return. I visited their churches, watched football games, drank beer and laughed. So for me, it was also a lesson in how human beings can create, recreate and find hope, no matter hope slim it might seem.

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